As an organic part of the MEAN stack, we use Node.js for backend services in our related projects.

Node.js has good scalability and asynchronous operation plus it uses the well-known JavaScript which allows code to be easily read and understood by a wide base of people.

On our smaller scale developments we tend to use the MEAN stack combined with Google Firebase for its SAAS (Software As A Service) as this combination enables rapid development.

Additionally, Cloud Functions can be written in Node.js with the Cloud Functions providing the infrastructure, monitoring, logging and distributed tracing.

Car Reliability Index

P92 developed a mobile application to provide a car reliability index catalogue for RSM. Users who download this app can search and check the reliability of each specific model in the current car palette in the European Union.

As a lightweight application, we use Google Firebase for data storage, so using Node.js for the server side with Google Cloud Functions was a straightforward choice and as a result of this decision, the development was seamless and rapid. Additionally, as users of mobile applications expect low latency for their requests, the non-blocking Node.js architecture enabled that key requirement to be delivered.