Mobile Agile Development Lifecycle

Mobile Agile Development Lifecycle

We approach Mobile App development with Lean Product Development practices and Agile Development methodologies. According to this our highest goal is to satisfy end user requirement as early as possible. The base of our approach is best described by  the agile manifesto. You can find more about that at, or you can read our high level intrepretation of these principles here.

Agile methodology

For mobile application development projects we set up a team and promote a product owner (PO). It is best when the PO is delegated by the client (You), but we have skilled business analysts , who can act as proxy POs.  The team is always cross-functional and delivers the highest possible values in the given time frame, working closely with the PO. We usually apply SCRUM and we support this process with experienced and certified SCRUM masters. Following SCRUM gives You visibility and maximal flexibility all the time.  The team works according to the agile manifesto's principles ( This way we can maximize the Return of Investment on the project.

Reduce development risk

Agile processes with their iterative processes minimizes the risk of the project. The development project this way is open to adapt changes quickly. Every iteration will result a market-ready product increment, and multiple iterations will end up in a product which will meet all the requirements of the stakeholders.

Workpackage management

We use the Agile component of Atlassian's Jira project management package to manage workpackages in the agile process. This co-ordinates and focuses on the tasks needed for a particular sprint, and the product backlog is managed through a very easy interface. This gives you absolute visibility all the time.