Mobile App Development

We have been developing mobile websites for major brands since 2005, and native apps since 2010. We focus on creating an engaging user experience across multiple devices with a focus on consumer facing apps. We've developed apps for social gifting, taxis hailing, and for higher education. Our key contribution to this field is to build robust infrastructures to support an integrated device approach with strong social network integration. We have a dedicated UI/UX firm within our group.

Our Approach

  • Visioning - App or Responsive Website

    Visioning - App or Responsive Website

    We engage with stakeholders and drive a visioning process which confirms the right multi-device strategy. With HTML5 rich user experiences are available within a responsive website approach or more intuitive device specific user experiences may be needed using native apps.
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  • Customer and User Experience

    Customer and User Experience

    We help brands drive the right customer experience through multiple devices, and we can model the user voyage through the app. Getting the user experience right is critical for any app.
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  • Prototyping & Minimum Viable Product

    Prototyping & Minimum Viable Product

    We can support rapid application development approaches to deliver a rapid prototype for user testing, and to follow through with the right production solution quickly to test a business concept using Minimum Viable Product MVP philosophies.
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  • Mobile Agile Development Lifecycle

    Mobile Agile Development Lifecycle

    We build wireframe click dummies in order to confirm client requirements and to get early user feedback and deliver the product iteratively using modular workpackages that can get early user feedback.
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