Google Firebase

Google Firebase

Firebase became a household name at P92 during a phase when we were working with a rapidly growing number of customers seeking small to medium sized mobile solutions. To meet these requirements, we realized we needed to source a viable, cloud-based, low-cost, maintainable solution for the backend and Firebase fitted the bill.

Firebase offers a versatile toolset for small to medium projects with easy maintenance and quick returns.

It’s versatility and variety allows us to cherry-pick tools to best suit the projects, for example, we may use only Authentication for some solutions whilst in other solutions we may utilize Cloud Functions where our experience in JavaScript/TypeScript can be easily converted into valuable functionality.

Success story

For our first Firebase project we utilised the Realtime Database for an iOS iPad app with such success that before we had even released the first element of Firebase functionality, the customer decided to switch from their original DEV database as they were so impressed by the speed and immediate data propagation capabilities of Firebase.

Nowadays we work with the next generation of the Realtime Database – Firestore, where the enhanced query engine of Firestore enables both the maintenance of complex queries and an even greater responsiveness of the app.