P92 Office Building

Culturally Aligned Team

From our inception in 1991 we have worked for German, UK and USA clients and our staff have a Western European culture with a rigour around meeting promises and fastidious project management.

Western European outlook

The Hungary labour market is very cost-competitive compared with the Western Europe and US, but what is important is that the culture of the people of Hungary has traditionally been very Western European due to the long association with Austria.

High levels of English language competence

We have high levels of English and German speakers. Our association with the Bertlesmann Group has added our German speaker team members, and as over recent years the majority of project work has been delivered in the UK, the team's English skills are excellent.

Conservative project philosophy

When promises are made in a project our culture is to under-promise and over-deliver. Any other approach is high risk and can result in project delays and high levels of rework.

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