P92 Office

Excellent Corporate Environment

We own our own purpose built technology campus in Budapest within easy reach of the aitport and city centre. Our office building located in the Buda foothills, close to the Danube in a prosperous suburb. The whole building is P92 owned so everyone works from the same location in an environment we can control.

Great staff welfare

We designed a relaxed, bright and spacious working environment. The mostly open plan office space has some great staff welfare facilities including hot food in a dedicated canteen or on a balcony overlooking the gardens and in the summer in the gardens themselves.

Our own training & conference centre

We own our own training and conference centre at the stately home of Pronay Castle which supports our staff development and training programmes. There is accommodation for over 80 people and over 5 modern and heritage meeting rooms. We opened our 3,000 sqft conference auditorium in the summer of 2014.

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