P92 Office

Prototyping & Minimum Viable Product

We can support rapid application development approaches to deliver a rapid prototype for user testing, and to follow through with the right production solution quickly to test a business concept using Minimum Viable Product MVP philosophies.

Early Beta

Depending on your chosen target market we would suggest developing for just one platform first and getting this to Beta test before developing for further devices. You can achieve a proof of concept based on a single device test, this improves you development economics.

Platform choices

iOS We usually develop of iOS first
Android Or based on the demographic and geographic considerations
Windows Phone We can also develop for Windows Phone.
Phonegap We also have experience of multi device development environments such as phonegap

Minimum Viable Product

We will work with you to fast track the elements of the project to test early and will identify with you what functionality is needed to bring the product to market. Early market testing will harvest valuable user feedback that can be integrated into later phases of the project.

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