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Mobile Agile Development Lifecycle

We build wireframe click dummies in order to confirm client requirements and to get early user feedback and deliver the product iteratively using modular workpackages that can get early user feedback.

Agile methodology

We work to break tasks into small incremental subtasks which require minimal planning. These subtasks are done in short time frames that typically last from two to four weeks. The team repeat all the project lifecycle functions in these iterations: planning, requirement analysis, design, coding, unit testing and acceptance testing. At the end of the iteration it will be presented to the stakeholders as a working product.

Reduce development risk

This way of development minimizes the risk of the project and it is open to adapt changes quickly. One iteration will not result in market-ready software product but multiple iterations will end up in a product which will meet all the requirements of the stakeholders.

Workpackage management

We use the Agile component of Atlassian's Jira project management package to manage workpackages in the agile process. This co-ordinates and focuses on the tasks needed for a particular sprint, and the product backlog is managed through a very easy interface.

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