EROS Loyalty Application

Sony Music Royalty System

We built and maintain the artist royalty system of one of the world's music giant, which operates worldwide.

One might think that royalty calculation is nothing more than "Units x Price x Rate x Product-Artist-Share." But, in fact, royalty calculation and management is probably one of the most complex business problems to solve within the music industry. The source of complexity is the variety of contractual clauses, large data sets, and demanding internal as well as external reporting requirements.

The EROS Royalty System is Sony Music Entertainment's International Artist Royalty Calculation System which currently handles all the demands resulting from these complex royalty clauses. It's also the Central European Copyright System since 2007.

EROS is currently used in 24 countries around the globe. Approximately 210 frontend users in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania work with this state of the art Royalty System.

Main Features of EROS

  • Daily Sales, & Online Calculation
  • Access Rights System & Reporting
  • Multiple Instances on Same Server
  • Multiple Clients on Same Instance
  • Multiple Contacting Companies on Same Client
  • Multiple Instances on Same Server
  • Multi Currency
  • Calculation Across Contracts and Products
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliant
Sony Music Royalty System


  • EROS is currently used in 24 countries around the globe
  • Complex royalty calculations of thousands of artists done quickly
  • More than 210 experienced frontend users