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Managing Information

Improve business processes and insights with a solid information strategy, the right architecture and governance to create a ‘single view' of your audience.

Getting the foundations right

Proof that getting the foundations right helps to drive high performance Recent research by Accenture reveals that high-performance IT organizations are more evolved in their information management practices than their peers in other organizations. For example, they are more than twice as likely to have developed target data architectures and created effective BI and analytics capabilities as well as data governance.

Real time information

Winning organisations help their employees with more access to the most detailed and real-time information they need to do their jobs. The most accessible, granular and real-time customer data, for example, is 80 percent more accessible, more than twice as granular and twice as likely to be available in real time from high performers versus from other IT organizations.

Making the right investment

Investments in information management technology are delivering significantly more value for high performers. More than three-quarters of high performers said that business analytics investments are delivering 75 percent or more of the expected value — nearly twice them proportion of other IT organizations giving that response.

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