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Insight Generation

Apply business rules and statistical modelling to data to development insights into the behaviours of your audiences.

Generating new insights into your business

Insight generation depends on our ability to collect, organize and retain data, generate a variety of analytic models from that data, and analyze the generated models themselves.

Therefore, in order to generate insights, we must have the ability to generate models. And in order to do that we must have data. This means that we need to be thinking not only about the data collection, management and archiving processes, but also about how to post-process the collected data; what attributes to derive, what metadata to collect. We use our experience and the right toolset from either Microsoft or Pentaho to build the right solution for our clients to derive the right insights.

Getting the architecture right for social networks

Insight generation is highly dependent on how an environment is architected. Consumer marketers have gone from measuring a few attributes per consumer, to measuring thousands of attributes, including consumer web behaviour, and most recently, consumer interactions in social networks.

Data capture

It may not even be immediately possible to capture particular types of data. For example, it took some time between the advent of the web and our ability to capture browsing activity through cookies. Insight generation also involves the ability to organize confusing data, which is typically the situation with environments involving big data, and focus on the data that makes "sense," given a specific context and state of domain knowledge.

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