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Business Intelligence

Improve business performance with appropriate, actionable, and time data and information.

The business intelligence lifecycle

A key framework for enabling companies to harness the full power of data is the Business Intelligence lifecycle. By creating an ongoing BI lifecycle encompassing and integrating all the stages shown in the chart, an organization can create higher and more sustainable business value. It does this by constantly evolving BI to provide greater volumes of more accurate, timely and actionable insight, thus enhancing its ability to deal proactively with volatile business requirements, and drive its operations and growth more efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft toolset

We have had over 15 years working with the Microsoft BI toolset as it has evolved. Independent third-party research confirms that when it comes to offering a Business Intelligence platform Microsoft is a world leader. In its latest Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms research Gartner positions Microsoft as a leader among business intelligence platform providers.

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